Summer Keepsakes and Vacation Souvenirs

Burke Metal Work Provides Inexpensive Summer Keepsakes and Vacation Souvenirs

As we enter the season of warm sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, we say goodbye to the warm weather and think of ways to memorialize the sun-kissed memories we made. While framed pictures may fade, glass ornaments may shatter and keepsake jewelry may break, Burke Metal Work provides an alternative…inexpensive summer vacation souvenirs and keepsakes that allow you to fondly reflect on whatever made your summer special through durable metal that will survive year after year. We even include an option to make some of our products more personal with laser engraving!

How and why we started making gifts, décor and keepsakes, like vacation souvenirs 

We started Burke Metal Work to create memorable keepsakes—highlighting the fun and diverse passions that make us all unique. Whether that passion revolves around off-roading, playing the tuba or spoiling your puppy, we want to provide ornaments, keychains, wall décor and more to proudly show it off.

Before we started the company, we started to make metal keepsakes and décor for family and friends as gifts. These gifts sparked joy in our loved ones because they were specific to them—in honor of a memory or a passion of theirs. When we officially started Burke Metal Work, we wanted to continue to inspire that joy in others and now work hard to constantly add new designs to our inventory so that everyone can find something that relates to them personally. After a summer of fun and sun, an inexpensive summer vacation keepsake will be the icing on the cake.

Not only an inexpensive vacation souvenir but a durable one as well

One of the reasons that working with metal was so appealing to us was because of how durable it is. When you get an ornament to highlight a precious memory for your Christmas tree, you always run the risk that it will fall and shatter—which is heartbreaking, especially if it is passed down in the family—unless it comes from Burke Metal Work, that is!

Maybe you got a new puppy over the summer, discovered your love of 4-wheelers, or spent a magical week swimming with dolphins. While most inexpensive vacation souvenirs might break or fall apart by the beginning of fall, our raw steel products will survive the test of time, making sure those memories stay fresh in your memory for years to come.


If you want an inexpensive keepsake or vacation souvenir that will be both specific to you and durable, Burke Metal Work might have just the thing! We specialize in providing ornaments, décor, keychains, bottle openers and more that cater to your passions and hobbies…adding new designs all the time. We even have laser engraving available for most of our products to make them just that much more personal to you. And while a normal ornament or keepsake that carries a precious memory may break, our raw steel will remain strong no matter who handles it. 

Saying goodbye to summer is hard enough. We hope our products help you to carry a bit of the joy you found in these past few months into the future.