Introducing Personalized Dog Ornaments

Have you recently introduced a new dog to the family or perhaps lost a furry loved one?  A great way to commemorate them is by adding a personalized family pet ornament to your tree this year.

The preparation for Christmas is an exciting time of year where families can look back on all the memories that have taken place over this past 12 months. To help them celebrate in style, many people choose to honor those most special moments with carefully selected ornaments which will keep their tree decorated up every single December.  

The beautiful ornaments that adorn your tree each year are not just a reminder of the past, but also an anticipation for what's to come. As you carefully select which decoration reflects important memories from this Christmas season and years past--be it a new dog you have brought home, a college graduation, or fishing trips with friends-- know these items will always hold value even if their times don't happen again in our lifetime!

When you stop to think about it, each year, as the family gathers around the tree, Christmas music is often playing in the background while ornaments are unpacked from the previous year. For those who collect Christmas ornaments, adding personalized ornaments to the tree means more than just a decorating; they find joy in unwrapping ornaments and remembering those moments that brought them joy, peace and love!

As each ornament comes off its string-sometimes with help from family members who remember how much these symbolize memories made together--days filled with laughter and happy times shared among loved ones. This is true even for those loved ones who have been lost.

Pet owners often want to memorialize their lost pet by finding a personalized dog memorial ornament, sometimes a paw print ornament with the pet's name on it. 

But finding a random breed wouldn't necessarily promote the same memories as a Christmas ornament that reflected the exact breed of the dog. That is why every ornament company, including Burke Metal Work, strives to create a personalized dog ornament for as many popular breeds as possible. 

Hallmark has done a phenomenal job of creating new custom dog ornaments every year, but they aren't the only creator of personalized Christmas ornaments!  Burke Metal Work has their own special collection of personalized dog Christmas ornaments for the tree that can memorialize those special events that took place during the year.

For example, dog lovers were thrilled with the introduction of the Personal Pet Ornaments created by Burke Metal Work. Their collection includes a dog paw ornament, plus specialized dog breed ornaments including Westie, Great Dane, Labrador Retriever, Swiss Mountain, Collie and Fluffy Border Collie, French Bulldog, Corgi, Doberman and Basset Hounds.

What better way to show your love for your pet than with a personalized ornament on the tree?

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