Christmas Ornaments For Men


Your Christmas tree represents you and your family. Yes, there are, of course, always basic ornaments that run with an aesthetic or color scheme overall. But the personal ornaments are the ones that truly matter. Each one is given careful care and thought before being placed on the Christmas tree. We pull them out of storage each year and stop to take a moment with them before we find their new home on this year’s tree. This Christmas, personalize your tree with an ornament custom to the people in your life who matter most.

Now, it is no secret that men are not an easy group to shop for, but Burke Metal Work is here to help. This holiday season, give the men in your life the gift of a Christmas ornament that speaks directly to their hobbies and personality.

Are you looking for something to showcase your husband’s love for desert sports? Burke Metal Work has you covered.



Perhaps the man (or boy) in your life prefers water sports.....we have you covered there, as well!



Of course, some men prefer sports that involve balls so we have everything from footballs to volleyballs to select from.



Ornaments aren't just for Christmas trees, though. Alternatively, think about purchasing an ornament for the man in your life to use as a form of personalized décor all year round.

Our metal Christmas ornaments are not your typical Christmas colors and theme. They are perfect to hang in so many areas of your life. Consider gifting a Burke Metal Work ornament to a loved one with the intention of hanging it on a vehicle’s review mirror, or even in a man cave.

There are so many places in a man’s life an American steel ornament can adorn. There are so many aspects in our lives that we choose to personalize, why not gift the perfect ornament to do just that?

Burke Metal Work is a husband and wife team based out of Indiana. Creating ornaments and home décor out of American-made recycled steel. We pride ourselves on our ability to show a level of craftsmanship in each metal piece we create that is not often seen.

With Christmas ornaments being so widely mass-produced, having the ability to create ornaments so personal to so many people is an amazing gift, for us and we create our ornament creations after tour real-life hobbies.

We are a team who enjoys getting outdoors and exploring everything there is to see. Having so many passions in life gives this us the ability to allow our favorite moments in life to shine through in our work and we are thrilled to share that with our clients.